Yabashi: An Asian flourish in the historical center of Limassol, within a modern, zen space!

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Elegant, simple, earthy, and utterly zen, this restaurant features a particularly popular cuisine, and has recently opened its doors in the Castle Square in Limassol. It is the latest addition to the Carob Mill Group, and complements its collection of fine dining establishments by offering a menu with a distinct focus on Japanese cuisine.

Located in the heart of a buzzing destination, Yabashi is a venue that offers the ideal environment for a relaxed and pleasant meal. The wood décor on the walls, the modern but simple lines of the furnishings, as well as the discreet lighting create a perfect atmosphere for sampling the chef’s creations.

The kitchen of Yabashi is open towards the dining area, allowing guests to get a full picture of the preparation of their dishes. Delicious tuna, salmon, prawns, and other select ingredients are stored in the large glass-fronted fridge so that they may be transformed into fresh and tasty sushi, served to your table. As such, images, scents and atmosphere all come together to enhance the venue’s taste experience.

Address: Castle Square
Contact number: 25 820430