WIN BIG – A €600+ gift for all-day relaxation by the sea!

WIN BIG – A €600+ gift for all-day relaxation by the sea!

Idyllic locations, wonderful venues, scenic views, a unique atmosphere and, above all, excellent cuisine. This (and much more) is what makes Limassol a top destination option for those seeking to relax and enjoy beautiful moments with friends and family. 

The Food & Leisure industry makes up one of Limassol’s most distinctive advantages. As such, All About Limassol (as the Official Source for Promoting Limassol) has teamed up with renowned restaurant group PNS Restaurants to offer a special gift package which highlights the unique experiences both locals and visitors can find in the city.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience...

For an entire day, 4 lucky winners will be honorary guests at 2 of the most special hangouts in Limassol. The Marina Beach Bar and Gin Fish will host a group of friends from early in the morning until late at night, allowing them to sample their menus’ best offerings within a relaxing setting against the backdrop of the Limassol sea.

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The day begins at the Marina Beach Bar.... a private gazebo, just steps away from one of the cleanest beaches in the city, at the Limassol Marina. Iced coffee, fresh juice, fruit and other delicious snacks (such as club sandwiches and mini-prawn brioche) await the winners, allowing them to make an ideal start to a day full of enjoyable moments.

Dessert is the wildcard of the day, with the option of a refreshing panacotta disguised as a modern version of a mahalepi, or a delicious baked Alaska, either before or after lunch.

Then, following a dip in the sea, lunch is served. This rich offering includes a summer salad with prawns, and platters of fava meatballs, anchovy and aromatic octopus, baked seabass, prawn risotto, sushi, as well as a massive Ribeye steak to top it all off. This meal fit for a king highlights some of the menu’s most impressive options.

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Once night falls...

...the journey continues eastward, at Gin Fish right at the edge of the Old Port, where delicious surprises await right above the water, with panoramic views of the Limassol coastline creating the sense of sailing away on a cruise ship.

Within this laid back atmosphere, you will tempt your palate with a plethora of flavors, including a seafood tower, accompanied by a red beetroot salad, and the more traditional elements of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine (such as aubergine salad and taramas, spinach and rice, anchovies, steamed mussels, fish soup, etc) as well as meat options.

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