VIDEOS: Easter with huge bonfires and the Holy Light on bicycles in Limassol!

Limassol has its own way for celebrating Easter in all of its glory. From the huge bonfires, to the arrival of the Holy Light on a boat at the Old Port, the Holy Saturday evening in 2018 sure did leave some memorable moments behind, for those who attended the celebrations.

For those who did not happen to witness them in real time, of course, the impressive videos that captured these moments, sure do recreate the enthusiasm of the festivities that took place on that evening. From the picturesque Omodos square to the Limassol seaside, these moments sure were unique and even the ones who experienced them live, will probably wish to relive them through this footage.

With Ayios Nicolaos church, in the heart of the city, being the center of attention once again, due to its enormous bonfire, as well as the course of the Holy Light from the Old Port to the churches of the city, these 5 videos capture the essence of our own Easter of 2018.



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