VIDEO: The proof that you can have a good time in Limassol, no matter what you are looking for!

If you are a party animal, Limassol is for you. If you look for beautiful, relaxing corners by the sea, Limassol is for you, too. If you prefer low profile entertainment, with live music, jazzy and lounge vibes, Limassol keeps some excellent options. Yes, this city has it all, because the people in it always needed it to be like that.

“Limassol stands out because it is a cosmopolitan city”. This is what Titos Kolotas, one of greatest Limassol fans and a persistent researcher of the city’s history, proclaims. And this is surely an opinion with many supporters, among those who have experienced even a bit of Limassol’s vibe. Hosting an amazing mosaic of people from different corners of the world, with different tastes and culture, from different social classes and from all of the age groups, the life in the city was crafted in a way that no one would be unsatisfied with it.

This special tribute video was made by All About Limassol, the Official Guide of Limassol, with one and only goal: to be a proof of the range and diversity that, in fact, is the identity of this city. Because, when your own place can be a favorite destination for people from completely opposite backgrounds, needs and choices, then you cannot be anything but proud of it and the the hospitality it offers. After all, it is no accident that entertainment, good life, music, dancing have always been a trade mark for this city.