VIDEO: The mechanical surfboards are coming to Limassol for the first time!

At first, it was the surfing, what we were acquainted with through the cinema images with high waves in Hawaii, then it was all about the SUP, with paddling as a solution for times without any waves, which is common in our sea, and then the mechanical surfboard came along.

It’s called Lambuga, it is the latest trend I water sports and its depute in Cyprus takes place in the demonstrations scheduled for the Limassol Boat Show at the Limassol Marina. The board, weighing 40 kg, can speed up to 58 km / h, allowing its users a great ride on the waves, without much effort.

The surfboard uses a battery, which is charged for up to 120 minutes and it can last for a ride of up to 45 minutes. The demonstration in Limassol Boat Show comes along with many more water sports and fishing activities, a large part of which will be exhibited for the first time.

Check out more information about the Limassol Boat Show.

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