VIDEO: The deserted Asbestos hospital, where time has frozen…

The asbestos mine on Troodos was the reason for a large community of people to be established in the area, which hosted mostly miners and their families. Thus, the area acquired several houses, stores and, of course, a school and a hospital.


Today, apart from the scars on the mountain, the deserted buildings are an indication of the vibrating pulse of that area back in the days. The old hospital, a building with the characteristic design of the British rule era, seems to be a place, where time has frozen.

Without being completely destroyed, the building that operated for over half a century, is left to the cruelty of time. A tour in its interior, gives an idea of what it used to be, while it does make you feel as if some of the thousands of souls that passed from over there, are now still “haunting” it.

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