VIDEO: Some lucky gyus enjoyed an amazing sunset view with dolphins!

Going on a boat trip in the Limassol sea is what one needs to enjoy the amazing view of the coast, especially when the sun is about to set. Still, if you are a bit lucky – like the people that shot the video below – then a boat trip could be accompanied by dolphins.

Boats and fishermen in Limassol have often seen dolphins out in the open sea, but the joy of seeing them right next to you is always great. Heading to the sun, right before it sets, with a magnificent orange sky as a background, the dolphins accompanied the boat, jumping around the boat, where the people who shot the video were lucky enough to see them.

For those who were not lucky enough to be there, but they love the Limassol blues, the sea life and the sunsets, these moments were captured in a video that everyone can enjoy.

Video: Spyros Erotocritou

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