VIDEO: Seaside – mountains withing a half hour... you won't believe, until you see this!

Right when you have the sun shining over the blue surface of the sea, you can step into a car and before a half hour has passed you will be in the middle of an evergreen pine forest, with impressive slopes, rocky peaks, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. In an other case, you should have traveled several hours from city to city or even country to country. But Limassol has receives a double gift form nature, so you can enjoy both.

If you do not experience it, you will not believe it. If one does not see the scenery changing so drastically from one moment to another with their own eyes, they may think that we are exaggerating. But, since the images do not lie, All About Limassol (the Official Source for Promoting Limassol), dedicated in showcasing the best of this place, made sure to bring some proof on the table. This video, shows in less than 1 minute, how it is to live in 2 different worlds in the same time and enjoy the greatest benefits of this place.

Troodos on one side, the highest peak on the island, reaching up to almost 2000 meters high, and the endless kilometers of the beach on the other side, are both equally areference point for Limassol. IN the winter, you can have a walk by the waves, or even swim if the sun is hot enough, and then go for some skiing on the snowy slopes. In the summer, you may sunbathe the entire day and then go up on the mountains to breathe some cool air. This is Limassol, this is its unique magic, which everyone seek after having a first taste,which makes all of us so proud and grateful to be able to experience it any time. 

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