VIDEO: Prestigious award for a director from Limassol at Thessaloniki Film Festival!

The film "Rosemarie", written and directed by Adonis Florides from Limassol, is the first purely Cypriot production to receive the most prestigious award of the Hellenic Association of Cinema Critics at the International Film Festival in Thessaloniki.

It is a movie that has drawn everyone's attention with the images, created in settings in Limassol (as well as the rest of Cyprus), the sound, the photography and its unusual plot. The Critics Association Award has been received previously by major names of the Greek cinema, such as Pantelis Voulgaris and Theodoros Angelopoulos.

Particularly happy with this distinction, Adonis Florides stressed out that through this movie he managed to win a major bet, proving that films of international standards can be produced in Cyprus, too. In fact, he considers that it is worth mentioning that everyone working in the movie is from Cyprus and he aspires this success to be an inspiration to young cinematographers, so that they can believe in themselves and create films that "speak of their lives, with sincerity and ingenuity, passing on a part of themselves, without imitating foreign styles".