VIDEO + PHOTOS: Surfing on a boat's waves is the new summer craze you need to try this year!

This city never stops moving. Not even its sea. And if sometimes the sea calms, then the Limassol people take action, forcing it to become livelier.

Costas Symeonidis, in a sea rather calm, without strong winds, managed to make his ride on the board as adventurous and exciting as it could be. Thise who do not seem to share the same feelings as the calm rhythm of the sea, can always decide to take the situation in their hands.

With a crazy mood and 1 big inflatable, Costas' friends created artificial waves that allowed him to challenge his art of surfing on the board. Limassol may be famous for its serene waters, but when you need something to shake things up and offer you a fascinating experience, this is quite an impressive way to do it.

Have a taste of the video by  Costas Symeonidis.

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