VIDEO + PHOTOS: Impressive images from the Limassol dams after the rainfall!

Even though it did take a while, water is now flowing in the dams again, especially after the consecutive and heavy rainfall of these past few days that fed the soil and ground. The aerial tour over the small, mountain dams of the Limassol countryside, sends some hopeful signs and presents some incredibly beautiful views.

The video and pictures (created for a project by the Cyprus from Air team) presents the snowy Prodromos dam and the overflowing Saittas dam, by Trimiklini village. Both Prodromos and Saittas measured very high rainfall percentages in January.

According to the preliminary daily rainfall measurements in January of 2018, most of Limassol’s stations received an overwhelming amount of rain that surpassed the normal percentage by 106% to 151% in some areas. Prodromos, in particular surpassed the normal amount by 117%, Kouris dam by 151%, Saittas by 106%, Polemidia dam by 119%, Agros by 129%, Limassol Municipal Garden by 110%, Germasoyia dam by 117% and Kellaki by 127%.

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