VIDEO: 'Mission impossible' and a spectacular show in Limassol at The Oval!

A spectacular show that could be compared to “mission impossible” is something that occurs every now and then in Limassol at The Oval. It looks like the impressive 75-meter high building that attracts everyone’s attention in the city, will catch your eye for reasons that you could not have imagined.

The smooth surface of its egg-shaped shell, which is the main feature of its unique image, must be cleaned and maintained every so often, in order to always be just as impressive. Of course this could not be just any typical procedure, since a usual lift can only serve the cleaning of a flat surface.

So, for its curved surfaces, especially trained staff must go up there, to hang with climbing strings from the top, using special tools to get the job done. In June 2017, after the completion of the construction, these… risky cleaners climbed up for the first time and ever since then, at scheduled times, Limassol has the opportunity to watch this unique procedure.

The only thing for sure is that, with all the high rise buildings coming up in the city, we still have a lot to expect. Watch the video captured at the moment of the cleaning below: