VIDEO: How did these 50 people spread their vitality in 2 beautiful Limassol villages!

They knew that their energy could reach from the seaside to the mountains and they proved it. These amazing 50 people in total, full of colors, vitality and smiles, were gathered ready to spread this energy in 2 beautiful villages of Limassol.

After spending an entire summer dancing in the entire city and taking along with them hundreds of people, the friends of Zumba Cyprus were organized and reached literally from one end of Limassol to the other.

With Marianna Akona coordinating the colorful group, these 50 Zumba instructors managed to pass on their vibes through the picturesque alleys of Lofou and Pentakomo village, as well as to the nearby Governor’s Beach. The video created in collaboration with Framing Eyes gives a totally point of view for the 2 villages, which you will be pleased to see.