VIDEO: Gorgeous flamingos are all over the Akrotiri salt lake!

A little wonder is in process west to Limassol, at the Akrotiri salt lake, which has been an early choice for flamingos this year, on their journey back to warmer lands. These amazing birds, smaller or larger, are now all over the habitat, filling the area with their majestic presence and colors.

This phenomenon creates an amazing view this time of the year for the visitors of this area. This is why the Akrotiri Environmental Education Center is an ideal destination for bird watching, since it allows uninterrupted view to the salt lake from a spacious balcony, providing the necessary equipment for you to get a closer and detailed look to the birds nestling in the habitat.

This time of the year, the salt lake hosts a large number of travelling birds. Flamingos may be the most spectacular ones, but the habitat is also a refuge for a large number and several kinds of ducks and other birds, using Cyprus as a stop on their journey to Africa or Asia. Apart from telescopes and binoculars, you will also find several information about this species, as well as a guide to recognize them.

Opening hours for the Center: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00, Sundays 10:00 - 17:00

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Header photo: Elpida Photography

Video: V. Michael, Akrotiri Environmental Education Center