VIDEO: A tornado at the Limassol sea, early in the morning, a stormy omen!

Saturday, October 28th, dawned sunny, with a few clouds here and there on the sky, since the weather forecast does predict a stormy comeback this weekend. The view of the horizon sure was a confirmation of that prediction, sending a clear message about the weather in the next few hours.

At Moni area, east to Limassol, on a secluded coast, hidden behind white rocks, Panayiotis Theodorou, a photographer passionate about landscapes, was set up for a shoot on the beach. Right on that moment, while he had his camera turned towards the horizon, the tornado was formed, as a blurry column connecting the sky with the sea, moving towards the coast.

This image could be either awe inspiring or exciting to one. Excitement did overcome any other feeling of Panayiotis, who rushed to capture the phenomenon through video and photography. Even if the tornado in the open Limassol sea did not last to make it to the coast, these phenomena usually predict a greater storm and they did make their appearance in other areas of the eastern Mediterranean these past few days.

Photo, video: Pan’s Photo Gallery