VIDEO: A surprise at a restaurant in Limassol, that heated things up and went viral!

People were sitting down, enjoying dinner, when some others started pounding on the tables with the silverware. Within a few minutes, the noise was very intense and started covering any conversation in the dining area that evening.

It was not some kind of massive protest, but a rather original, nostalgic and 100% Cypriot way for the “Kipriakon” restaurant at the Limassol Old Port to celebrate its first birthday. The surprise event, which included dancing and singing to favorite, all-time classic Cypriot melodies, would set everyone on a party mood on Saturday August 5th, making smiles and enthusiasm the dominant elements of the evening.

People were astonished at first, but soon they would be part of the festive vibe. Well-known Cypriot artists, such as Alex Panagi, had the lead in this amazing surprise, dragging along with them all of the visitors at the restaurant and the Old Port area in this Cypriot feast, turning the whole thing viral.