VIDEO: A landscape from the American wiled west, a breath away from Limassol!

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island indeed, yet it has a large variety of landscapes, even though the land is significantly small and can be crossed within a few hours or even minutes. Indeed, just a few kilometers west to Limassol, at the estuaries of Kouris river, the landscape is utterly transformed.

Kouris is the largest river in Cyprus and the ater source for the impressive Kouris dam. Coming down from the Troodos slopes, the river would end up in the Limassol sea, before the dam was constructed. Now, by the estuaries, near Kantou village, the scenery has something of the wild beauty of the American west.

The landscaped was captured by a drone camera, flying over the unusual hills, where only crows, living in the rocks, are now regular visitors. The short aerial tour over the river bank, unravels a stunning corner of Limassol, totally different than what we have seen so far.

Video: Cyprus from air