This picturesque image of the Lofou village will soon be history. Can you imagine why?

The Limassol countryside is full of history and traditions. Almost every single house, every alley holds elements of a culture that is now a collective heirloom, the monument of a time long gone.

What no one suspects, of course, is that some of these monuments may only be 2 – 3 decades old. The villages – especially the ones on the mountains – have seen several changes, within the effort of modernization, in order to update everyday life, which, are way too old now, too. The center of Lofou village is a classic case of this, since, along with the paved roads, the traditional market, the tiled roofs, the colorful shutters and the welcoming balconies, there is a metal, green, metal phone booth.

The booth was installed there by Cyta, in order to serve the needs of both the residents and visitors in the village, long before mobile phones were a must have for everyone. Along with the withdrawal of payphone cards, the booths are also being taken away now, even though they are actually part of the typical image of the villages and they have been photographed more than many times.

That’s why, after all, there are some ideas about keeping them intact, where possible or needed, and updating their use, according to what applies now in telecommunication technologies. Now days, there are merely around 1000 phone booths on the island, which is practically ¼ of what they used to be.

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