This is the application for you to easily track down parking places!

Desperate drivers looking for a parking place in the Limassol city center are probably the most common phenomenon in the area. This phenomenon triggered the creativity of 4 CUT students who have taken the class for “Social design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, to create an application that would make things easier.

The students following this particular class, deal with the solution of real, social issues of a small range. In this framework, the application that leads the users, either car, motorbike or bike drivers, towards the available parking spots. The parking areas are in the application, which uses them to track down the space nearest to the area the driver is searching (ex. 15/300 spaces at ESEL parking area).

The 4 students, Yiannis Georgiou, Yiota Michael,Stavri Kousetti and Marios Sellas, under the supervision of their professor, Nicos Souleles, aim to complete the project by the end of December 2017. For that purpose, the team is looking for resources through crowdfunding at