This is Limassol's largest hotel!

The list of the 10 hotels of 5 and 4 stars with the largest number of available beds was presented by the Cyprus Tourism Organization. The list includes 3 of Limassol’s hotels, 2 of the 5 star hotels and 1 of the 4 star ones.

The 5 stars Fours Season Hotel is at the top of the largest luxury hotels in Limassol. The hotel has 302 rooms available with 604 beds for hosting its guests. The Mediterranean Beach Hotel (4 stars) comes right after the Four Seasons Hotel, with 292 rooms in total and 584 beds available, while the capacity could reach up to 700 guests.

With 272 rooms, the St. Raphael Resort comes next, while the 5 star resort also has its own marina for boats. Still, the Parklane Resort & Spa, which is expected to open in March 2018, is larger by 2 rooms (274 in total, of which 222 premium guest rooms and 52 suites).

With around 3,5 thousand guest rooms in luxurious hotels, Limassol is listed third in hotel capacity, right behind Paphos, with around 6,5 thousands rooms, and Ammochostos, with almost 5 thousand rooms.

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