This is how the August 15th celebrations closed in Limassol!

Spectacular and glamorous, as it is fit for this city. This was how the celebrations of the August 15th ended at the Limassol seaside.

The fireworks followed right after the first grand party at the new summer spot in the city, Columbia Beach. With the majestic shape of The Oval in the back, right above the area and close to the beach, the sun and the sea would reflect the glare of the celebration lights.

Fireworks and spotlights in different colors made the evening special and the photographers of Limassol were there to capture the moments. The members of Orasis Photo Club, a group that loves the city and its beauties, made sure to keep the peak of the celebratory moments in their pictures.

Photos: Christos Christou, Stelios Michaelides

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