The upcoming large project in Limassol is set to impress!

The interior designers of the top, luxurious hotels in the world are assigned to create the interior of Limassol Del Mar. The inspiration for the design comes from the prestigious location of Limassol and Limassol Del Mar itself, focusing in elements of the Mediterranean nature and culture.

Ara design is an interior architectural design studio, specializing in the global residential and hospitality sector, with projects in more than 30 countries, which include private residences, 5-star hotels, resort spas, boutique hotels and restaurants. Assigned specially to deliver this existing project for Limassol Del Mar, Harry with his Senior Designer Elizabeth Buchmueller aim together to create the most iconic residences on the Limassol seafront and the world.

Harry and Elizabeth aim to create contemporary luxury interiors which will allow ultimate leisure. Materials, layout and textiles will reflect the Mediterranean sense of the surrounding environments, with light colors and modern, as well as classic lines for the furniture. The design projects has already started and the image of the interior will be revealed soon, to complement the image of this large and particularly impressive development.

*Sample of the work of the designers from luxurious Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and other hotels worldwide. 

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