The truth of 'The beggar of a playground' turned 50 in the Limassol Carnival!

There may have been 50 years since then, the Limassol Carnival may have grown much bigger, but some things do remain the same. The 2 satirical chariots designed by Andreas Mavrogenis, recreating the ones his father Costas Mavrogenis had made in 1969 and 1072, entitled “The beggar of the playground” and “A frivolous city, full of sense” respectively.

The recreation of “The beggar of the playground” is now called “That field we were talking about” and finds the football player in the same place as in 1969, begging for the construction of a playground. The second one, entitled “The Limassol Carnival beats the Elections”, was chosen on the occasion of the change of dates for the national elections, presenting a scale on a carnival figure, weighing towards the Limassol Carnival, instead of the elections.

Both constructions were delivered to the Limassol Municipality during a ceremony on Saturday, February 10th, at Studio 8 School of Art & Design. At the ceremony, the Scientific Director of the Limassol Historical Archive, Mimis Sophocleous, spoke on the significant role of the satirical chariots for the carnival, followed by the honorary awards for the main figures of the institution in the past.

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