The 'tree house' at a hotel on Troodos that brings a bit of fairy tale to life!

This is the kind of images usually portrayed in fairy tales, featuring elves and dwarfs, living in tree trunks. But this extraordinary "tree house" is part of a mountain accommodation facility found on Troodos. 

 "Nightingale" hotel offers to its guests the opportunity to experience a bit of a fairy tale, having set up a beautiful corner for relaxing moments of reverie over the branches of the perennial oak tree. The breezy shadow in the summer, the view to the river and the village of Kato Platres, the dreamy snowy scenery in the winter, are just a few of the reasons for one to visit it. 

The hotel is located just a few meters away from the central square of Kato Platres village and just a few minutes from the natural beauties of the wider area, such as the natural trails and the waterfalls in the dense pine forest. Thus, this locations is twice as enticing.

Find out more about the hotel here.

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