The new organic ice-cream with stevia in Limassol is twice a delight!

When you see it, you know it is a summer dessert, of those listed under the “pros” columns of the season. But, eating it, you may confuse it with some… sweet cloud, refreshing and fluffy, and you may even feel like floating in the air yourself for a minute.

This amazing, fluffy dessert manages to become a ceremony of pleasure, which begins with the serving procedure and ends with the last spoonful out of the cup. A station with unique design at 2GO Concept Store, at the Limassol Old Port, is the place where you get initiated in this procedure.

First you choose you own fluffy “cloud“, ice-cream of frozen yogurt, and then you move on to the “embellishments” with chocolate drops, candy, cereals and juicy, fresh fruits. When you finally have your ideal taste (and color) combo, you finish it up with wonderful syrups for extra sweetness and flavor. After all, this dessert comes in its regular or light version, according to the  combinations you will choose each time, with either ice-cream of light yogurt with stevia.

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