The most ancient village in Cyprus is located at Agios Tychonas area in Limassol!

Great findings have come to the light at the Neolithic village of Agios Tychon – Klimonas, the most ancient settlement in Cyprus, which is dated about 20 centuries prior to the one at Choirokitia. Archaeologists have uncovered 20 residences and tools that consist the most ancient proof of agricultural activities in the entire world.

According to the announcement of the French excavation team, the remains of more than 20 round buildings with a diameter of 3 - 6 meters were unraveled during excavations at the site of Ayios Tychonas - Klimonas in Limassol. The buildings were constructed on small terraces, notched into a gentle slope facing the sea.  

The walls were built with soil and strengthened with wooden poles. In most buildings large hearths were discovered, sometimes accompanied by a 30 - 50 kg millstone. The buildings are situated around a circular, 10 meteρ communal building, that was excavated during the period of 2011 - 2012. The building is dated around 11,200- 10,600 years before present.

Large quantities of stone tools, stone vessels, stone and shell beads or pendants were also found in the area. The animal bones indicate that domestic dogs and cats were already introduced to Cyprus, and that the villagers hunted a small, Cypriot wild boar and birds. The information about the everyday life in the village are very similar to those that have already been identified in the early Pre-Pottery Neolithic civilization of the Middle East, between 11,500 and 10,500 years before present.

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