The Limassol's village that was named after a special fountain with warm water!

The village existed during the Medieval times and it was marked on older maps since the Venetian times as Trimichini. The name of the village, according to the tradition, came from 3 different versions. The first version refers to a warm bed (thermi klini), which came from the fact that people would prefer the mild climate of the area, as much in the winter as in the summertime, too.

The second version recognizes as the word’s origin, the warm fountain (thermi krini), which refers to a fountain in the village, the water of which is cold in the summer and warm in the winter. For the residents, this version seems to be the most valid. The warm fountain is located in the village and it is known as the fountain of Zenon.

A third version suggests that the name came from the plant Trimithia (terebinth), which produced several other location names in Cyprus, too. The original name must have been Trimithini, that is an area with terebinths. This is also in order to the medieval name Trimichini.

Discover here the trail that leads to the famous fountain in Trimiklini.

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