POSTPONED EVENT!!!!! In the 1st Light Festival, Limassol will fill up with colorful lights

Limassol’s evening sea will be lighten by hundreds of illuminated boats and ... will give light to all those organizations that fight battles day after day to eliminate pain due to illness, racism and discrimination. Molos will be filled with colorful lights, music, dance and impressive acrobatics.

And all this at the first Light Festival with the subtitle: "We fight darkness with light."

The Anticancer Society, the Thalassaemia National Federation, the KENTHEA Antidrug Association, the Sophia Foundation for Children, the Cyprus Autistic Association, the "Aspida Zois" (Shied of life), the Pancyprian Association for Rare Genetic Diseases "Unique SMILES”, the ACCEPT, the Cyprus Youth Clubs Association and Ayion Omoloyiton Cultural Workshop will participate in the festival with a common vision and the hope of equal rights.

In the  multifunctional park of Molos, on Sunday, October 23, 2016 from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm Limassol, the City of Lights, will give light to everyone’s hearts and consciences in an event that aims to become a standard annual event.

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swipe gallery