Teamwork breaks Guinness World Record in Limassol

280 scuba divers set a new Guinness World Record in Limassol on Sunday 02.10.2016, by forming the longest underwater human chain of all time. What was particularly noteworthy and touching, was how many people had been willing to “connect” themselves to this cause, physically and metaphorically.

Only 200 volunteers had been requested, whereas 280 showed up to support the human chain. The divers who were forming the chain, 5 metres underwater for 10 minutes, by holding a rope from the Pier of Molos until the Pier of the Old Harbour, made Limassol beam with pride as a result of their spirit of teamwork.

The act was supported by Flyboarding Cyprus. The previous record had been held by the Italian island Elba with 173 scuba divers, in February 2016.

From Daphne Lambi

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