REOPENING: Fresh start at a most impressive venue for a well known restaurant in Limassol!

A restaurant with some firm followers these past few years in Limassol, has now moved to a new, impressive establishment, making an utterly interesting beginning for the new season. Apart from the tasty dishes that made it known among people, the restaurant also presents now a new line of signature cocktails, to add to the reasons for visiting it.

The Japanese restaurant, Benzai Sushi Bar, which was located at the seaside avenue so far, has now moved close to the Yermasoyia roundabout, making a huge turn in its aesthetics and orientation. Minimalistic decoration indoors and a cozy sitting, lounge area outdoors, are preparing you for a delightful culinary experience.

Of course, a most distinct feature of the new place is the building’s façade, which adopts elements of the majestic temple architecture in the Far East. Thus, Benzai Sushi Bar, keeps all those advantages that made it a favorite among the Asian cuisine lovers and introduces a new image, in order to enrich the experience enjoyed by its visitors.

Address: 19, Patmou Street
Phone: 25 588 282

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