PHOTOS: Wonderful summer rain on Limassol's mountains!

Right in the middle of the summer and with temperature hitting high scores, the news about rain on Limassol’s mountains sure does make some people jealous. And how would it not, when one barely survives the heat wave, while other enjoy the refreshing rain drops and the smell of the ground?

The news arrived from the mountains just after midday. The rain fell on the northern picks on Troodos mountains, offering its valuable breath of fresh air to the forest and the residents of the villages. Within 1 – 2 hours, several villages were benefited by this precious drops.

In fact, there were a few thunders here and there, too, but the scenery was not far from summery, since the sky soon returned to its regular, bright blue. The photos from Kiperounta village, though, prove that apart from the cooling breeze, this summer rain also offers great views, as it “washes off” vines, grapes and flowers in the yards. 

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