PHOTOS + VIDEO: The impressive change of a dam that was sending an SOS!

The image of the small water reservoir at Pera Pedi, which seems quite different after the intense waterfall of the past few days, brings and optimistic air all around. This is a rather small dam, with a capacity of 55 thousand cubic meters of water. The amount of water in it, indicates the flow in the bank of Kryos Potamos river.

Kryos Potamos, that meets Kouris river at the southern mountains of the Limassol countryside, coming down from the slopes of Troodos, crosses through the dense pine forest at Platres area, forming 2 of the most well-known waterfall in Cyprus, Caledonia and Millomeris. This river feeds the dam at Pera Pedi, creating a river up to 12 thousand square meters.

This lake had a rather sad image last autumn, with the water reaching a very low level. This image was prolonged due to the delay of this winter’s arrival, but the dam is now overflowing, forming an artificial waterfall, which complements the amazing landscape with the picture of plenty of water falling from up high. An evidence of the ominous change is also the flow of the river, as seen in the following video, passing under the arch of the medieval Milia bridge.

Photos + video: Yiannis Makriyianni

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