PHOTOS + VIDEO: Plenty of water in the rivers and snow in Limassol's villages!

The stormy weather of the past few days was particularly beneficial for the Limassol countryside. The snow has fallen for the first time this year, covering the villages that did miss it since the winter has arrived quite mild in December.

The residents of Chandria village, at 1200 meters above the sea level, did wake up to a white setting, just as the residents in Kyperounda village did, too. Even if the snow did now fall on a much lowers level, at Platres and Fini area, where several rivers cross through, the rain was very beneficial. Kryos Potamos and Hantara waterfalls overflowed with water coming down with fury these past few days.

Snow did fall on the highest slopes of Troodos, too, of course, renewing the white carpet which has been laid since the beginning of last December. So, even though this winter was rather light, it did make a statement close to the end of January.

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