PHOTOS + VIDEO: International award for Limassol for the best sea bass in the world!

The best sea bass in the world is found in Limassol, according to the international quality distinction awarded to a Limassol company which supplies the local market, as well as the markets of 10 additional countries, including the USA, and countries within Europe and the Arab Gulf.

Kimagro Fishfarming, having participated in the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) competition, received the Diamond Award, which is the highest rank. The company was awarded for the quality and flavour of the Levantina Fish it produces. The award puts Cyprus at the top of the list of fish farming countries in the world.

Kimagro Fishfarming employs 160 people, and has 2 modern fish farming units located in the open sea of Limassol's gulf, producing 1700 tons of sea bass and seabream per year. The fish food does not include G.M.O. products or antibiotics. The company has been awarded with 3 stars by the international institution for its sea bass, receiving the highest evaluation of 90+ points by 120 renowned chefs from around the world. This is why Levantina seabass has received the Diamond Award, which is the highest distinction. This means the product will not have to compete ever again, as its quality and flavor have now been formally established.

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