PHOTOS: This is the impressive, upcoming plaza at Limassol's seafront!

Thousands of square meters of open area are included in the plans for the upcoming plaza at a most central, seaside areas in Limassol city. A place with restaurants, cafes, bars and retails shops, just a few steps away from the beach, is about to become a new center of attention for those living in the city or visiting.

It is a plaza of 7000 square meters in total, which will be constructed a few meters to the east of Enaerios area, within the triple development of Trilogy Limassol. The public access plaza is one of the 2 open areas of the project, which extends from the entrance of the development, to the center of the 2 front towers. Restaurants, bars and shops combine to create a thriving hub that can be enjoyed by everyone, from dawn’s first light to sundown and beyond.

The other open area, in front of the third tower, will be of exclusive private access for the residents of the development. Sports areas, pools and gardens create an utterly relaxing setting, with the Limassol sea as a view. The images released so fat, may only reveal a small part of this impressive construction, bat they do indicate that this is meant to change the general image of the Limassol seafront.

Find out more about Trilogy here.

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