PHOTOS: They enjoyed the only double bridge in Cyprus, hanging on ropes!


Bridges are not only supposed to be crossed or admired from a distance, after all. Especially when this concerns a double bridge, like the one in Trimiklini, Limassol, the only one in the entire Cyprus.

Its location is amazing, surrounded by greens, nurtured continuously by the blessing of Kouris river. And, as amazing the view of this bridge is, the experience of climbing down on it is double and triple amazing.

The climbing team that chose the double bridge to practice, sure had several, good reasons to do so. Apart from an impressive vies to the evergreen river bank, the double bridge sure allows climbing in a controlled environment, as well as an adequate height to go for, since this is actually the result of 2 arched bridges built one over the other.

Find out more about the double bridge in Trmiklini here.

Photos: Cyprus from Air

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