PHOTOS: These guys dared to camp on snow in Troodos!

The last days of 2017 have been the most winter-like ones of this past December, with low temperature, rain and snow. The result was to have temperatures below 0 on Troodos, which received a fresh load of snow. But, instead of this being a reason for everyone to stay inside by the fire, it was rather encouraging for a group of "tough" and adventurous guys, who love nature and the mountains.

Thus, without much ado, they seized the opportunity to experience an utterly winter experience on the last weekend of the year. With special equipment, warm clothing and supplies, Alex Roussounis and his friends were found camping in the snow, during the coldest nights of this December.

Still, these guys are used to such attempts. Alex Roussounis was among the guys that built their own igloo with ice bricks last January, which they used to spend the night in, afterwards. So, it could not be long until we see another igloo by them.

Check out video and photos of the igloo they made on Troodos.

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