PHOTOS: These Christmas bites in Limassol have gone viral!

Fluffy and tempting, with the trademark red color of the season making a festive statement, these Christmas bites in Limassol have gone viral, since they appeared a few days ago. The ones that created it, call it “Santa's Joy” and it seems to have become the reason for many others to be joyful these days, apart from the season's Saint.

It is a rather special, handmade, bicolor croissant, with the red color marking its festive character. The croissants are being made daily at Galette Artisan Bakery's kitchen, which has been aiming to present alternative and imaginative creations to Limassol's people for around 1,5 year now.

Apart from the impressive looks, what glorifies this bicolor croissant is its filling. A handmade cream in a shade of red, with delicious raspberries as the main ingredient, complements this festive, taste experience and invites you to try it, leaving the classic, chocolate croissant aside for the moment.

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