PHOTOS: The utterly impressive Christmas decorations at My Mall!

Already in the mid-November, My Mall Limassol is all dressed-up in the Christmas spirit. With a particularly impressive decoration, with thousands of lights from one end of the shopping center to the other, the place seems to be living in a Christmas wonderland.

The most impressive part of this year’s decorations is, of course, after the main entrance of the shopping mall. From the highest point of the room, on the second floor of My Mall, until a few meters from the ice rink, there are large hanging Christmas trees, with bright ornaments, creating an utterly impressive scenery.

Among the Christmas trees, there are also some other festive elements, with a shape similar to the one of the trees, sourcing out their inspiration from favorite fairy tales, filling the room with their magic. The view is unique no matter the point of view, while this picture with the large ice rink on the background will make you feel like a Christmas card has come to life before your eyes. Thus, the place becomes an ideal option for a day with the entire family, either one chooses to spend it with shopping and a relaxing coffee at Marrone Rosso, Costa Coffee etc, or with games at the Kidsland, Bowling and Arcade at the basement, since the view and the atmosphere is equally enchanting in the entire mall. 

In particular, the decorative elements in the center of the Mall, represent 5 fairy tale chandeliers, themed by the stories of the "Cinderella", "Rapunzel", "Alice in the Wonderland" and "Peter Pan". The installation were created within the collaboration of Gevorest Cyprus with My Mall for the project of Gevorest Christmas Magic, and they were setup by Skinotechniki. This magical image will be the setting of all the Christmas events taking place in My Mall until the 15th of January, 2018.

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