PHOTOS: Surprises and a new image at the beach bar that stood out in 2017!

It was one of the new arrivals that received a most enthusiastic reaction by the people in 2017 and managed to become a favorite destination, both for going for a swim and getting a bite, as well as for drinks and parties in the evening. Even though it did stand out for its decoration and the elements of traditional materials in its venue, this beach bar is back with even more surprises for the summer of 2018.

Its name was a matter of discussion immediately, since Aplostra Beach Bar chose the former name of the beach now known as Lady’s Mile. The impression this venue made due to its image, though, was just as strong, using wood, baskets and shades of blue and white to connect the place with the surrounding area and the traditional material used in it. Now it is coming back with an even more impressive area, with a brand new bar for the evenings. This unique, wooden construction is surrounded by a cozy seating area with sofas, offering the option of relaxing, as well as party moments at the same time.

The loungers on the beach right in front of the bar are now proper, double beds, to make a visit by the sea even more relaxing. At the same time, the beach bar’s menu is also renewed. Apart from being a proper restaurant for any meal, or even a light snack, Aplostra gets into the brunch trend, inviting each one by the sea for those late breakfasts that serve as a lunch, too.

Check out more about Aplostra Beach Bar & Restaurant here.

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