PHOTOS: Secret corners with rare beauty, just a few minutes from Limassol!

The hills of Limassol, inside the low bushes and the sharp rocks, hide some mysterious locations, with wild beauty and rich history. Many of these hills west to Limassol, in a small distance from the city, have been carved and used centuries ago as tombs or, later on, as catacombs for the first Christians of the island.

Such a hill is the one that hosts the ancient kingdom of Kourion. East to the hill, on its foot, one can find a series of carved tombs, which look like large windows on the rocks from afar.

A similar image is also found at the hills of the forest area at Pissouri, where such a cove, carved in the rock, which previously used as a religious area for Christians, is now the shelter for a rare kind of fruit bat. Fruit bats eat flowers and fruits, contributing to the dissemination of their seeds in the forest.

Source: Manos Botrini, Cyprus from air

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