PHOTOS: Photographer went over board to capture the Epiphany ceremony in Limassol!

Dimitris Photiou has been watching the Epiphany ceremony at the Limassol sea every year. This time, though, he decided it was going to be different, since, being a photography lover, he wanted to capture the event from a point of view he had not used before.

A founding member of the Limassol photography group, Orasis Club, he never stops experimenting with the camera. Also, he never stops looking for ways to capture in an original and creative manner all of the amazing images and experiences his city has to offer.

Thus, on Saturday morning, January  6th, he was found in the water along with other swimmers, while the rest of the photographers were taking photos from the dock. "Things were not exactly piece of cake since the event was moving fast, I had to swim to get the best spot  and the water was not calm", Dimitris Photiou says, after testing himself with just 5 shots on a pocket camera. Still the result is not bad at all, as one may see.

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