PHOTOS: One of Limsassol's busiest roads is now upgraded and restored!

The seaside road east to Limassol, passing in front of Amathus archaeological site, has been noticeably freshened up. The surface of the road was significantly damaged in several places, which made it hard for cars to cross through, so the restoration works that lasted a few weeks were really needed.

The roads in that area are used on a daily basis by thousands of drivers, on either private vehicles or public ones, and the traffic is even more intense as the summer comes closer and many people, both locals and visitors move from the city to the eastern coast and back. The restoration works resulted to the improvement of this busy road, so that drivers can use it more safely and easily from now on.

Since large roads are being reconstructed lately in Limassol, the improvement of smaller streets becomes crucial for people’s daily transportation, too. At the same time, these improvements underline that upgrading the city’s roads, in every area of the city and the entire district, is a necessity for the quality of life.

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