PHOTOS: Limassol with sun and hale on the same day, 2 different worlds in 1 Sunday!

The day dawned looking like summer on Sunday, with plenty of sun and temperature higher than the usual of these past few days. Thus, many where the ones that choose the seaside for a walk, fishing or even swimming. But, the scenery created by the hail and the storm at the Limassol countryside, was the ultimate turnover. 

In just 1 day, Limassol was divided into 2 completely different worlds. The ones who happened to travel west, must have seen the dark, black clouds coming closer, while the route was marked by the rain, especially around Pissouri and Avdimou village.

The unexpected weather phenomena reached their peak, as the storm was moving east, towards the area of Pitsilia. Pelendri village turned white of the massive hail storm, while the streets became stream after the rain fell. Similar phenomena appeared in Ayios Ioannis viillage, Vasa Koilaniou and other villages in the area, too.

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