PHOTOS: Limassol gets a revolving restaurant, with panoramic city views!

A unique restaurant in Cyprus, with a 360 degrees view, has been designed for Limassol, to be part of the new, impressive upcoming development in the city. It is a revolving venue, which will provide panoramic views to the entire Limassol city from up above. 

The 2 levels of the restaurant and bar, will be constructed on the top of The Gallery, being a Cyprus wide, pioneering addition, which will become a unique attraction for locals, as well as people visiting Limassol. With the restaurant on one floor and the bar on the other, this new venue will create a unique experience, which will be complemented by the elevator with transparent surfaces, so that the "journey" over the city to begin on the way up to the restaurant.

Even if these public venues are on the top of a building with private residences, the construction makes sure that the access to the apartments will be exclusive for the residents, while the restaurant and bar guests will use another. This new addition, on the highest point of this complex development, with a public plaza, a gallery and private residences, will introduce a new way to get acquainted with the city.

Find out more about The Gallery here.

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