PHOTOS: Is Limassol the Eastern Mediterranean Barcelona?

Vibrant, multicultural, with a tendency to arts and culture, centuries of tradition and history, intense growth, a large port, golden beaches bathing in the Mediterranean, impressive modern architecture and neighborhoods that still keep intact the vibe of the years past.

Limassol seems to be sharing with Barcelona more than anyone could have had imagined. And it is, indeed, hard to compare, since their size is rather disproportionate and the 2 cities are located in complete opposite direction. But the images from the seafront of the Spanish metropolis can easily become a reference to those from Limassol’s seafront.

The internationally renowned on oncologist, Nicolaos Zamboglou, an enthusiastiv Limassolian, who waited patiently for almost half a century to return to his city, stressed that “there are 2 gorgeous cities in the Mediterranean. One is Barcelona and the other is Limassol.” It seems as if one needs to look at Limassol from a distance, both in time and space, to easily recognize its splendor and its perspectives. And, even if Barcelona is way ahead, its “little cousin” sure does progress with large strides.

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