PHOTOS: Indeed, Troodos under a... white siege in the middle of May!

The villages on Limassol’s mountains experienced a weird and unusual weekend in the heart of May, with the weather turning everything upside down. A storm with unexpected fury hit Limassol, with a tornado hitting Trimiklini village and a white carpet of hale covered Troodos.

Even just 2 weeks before the official opening of the summer season, Limassol’s mountains were suddenly transferred in Autumn. The storm that arrived around noon on Saturday, 12/5, turned the day into night in a few minutes. The rapid rainfall was followed by strong winds, which resulted to a tornado in Trimiklini, cutting off several tree trunks.

The extreme weather peaked at Troodos area, with hale falling strong and plenty, resulting to a thick, white layer covering the mountains, just like during the first snowfall in December. The bad weather conditions lasted all through the weekend, making it a valuable, breezy interruption just before another hot summer, which follows a pour winter.

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