PHOTOS: Huge, white balls were the center of attention in this carnival!

During the Limassol Carnival events, 2 huge balls that made their appearance since Pancake Day in the city, they managed to draw some attention. Hopping around, above the heads of the people attending the events, they became a great opportunity for games and fun, being a pleasant surprise for both children and adults.

Inspired by the circus games, this idea was first introduced in the carnival a few years ago, with a ball coming from the circus of St. Petersburg. The introduction of such an element in 2018, was another interesting detail that complemented the image of the events scheduled for this Limassol Carnival.

The balls, with a 3-meter diameter, became an excuse for games at the first Children’s Carnival Party at the Old Port, of course. The Limassol Municipality aims to add something new to these events each year, so there are already some thoughts for even more, colorful ball for next year, which will even have light in them.

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