PHOTOS: How did a young man in Limassol design a pendant with the figure of his unborn child!

This young couple may be the only 2 people that had the opportunity to feel their baby’s face, before it was even born. This young engineer in Limassol, looking at the ultrasound images of his first child, decided to use his professional skills to achieve something that seemed impossible.

Iman, after finishing his studies in mechanical engineering at the CUT and working in his own firm in Limassol for these past few years, is a frequent user of digital design tools for his projects. So, he managed to find a way, to use these tools to work on the design of the face of his unborn child, with the data provided by the ultrasound.

The idea was to give a special gift to his pregnant wife, on the occasion of their first child, which would also be a gift to himself, too. The embryo was just on its 25th week when the young father processed the ultrasound data and the his wife was extremely surprised and moved to receive a jewel with the baby’s figure, which she kept on until the baby was born. “This way we felt closer to the baby from the very first moment”, explained the young father, who will sure have a very interesting story to share with the child, when it grows up.

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