PHOTOS: General remake at Limassol's central parking area!

More parking spaces and an uplifted image at ESEL parking area are the latest updates for the drivers who visit the Limassol city center. The parking area received a small face lift these past few days, which did seem to improve its rather damaged image and especially its asphalt.

Smoothing out its roads and refreshing the marks of the parking spaces were the small but significant changes that updated the area. The increase of the parking spaces was also the result of this upgrade, with 10 extra parking spaces created in it and another 1 for handicaps, which have now replaced the spaces meant for buses.

This parking area, able to host around 300 cars, receives thousands of cars daily and it is a valuable outlet for drivers. Since the traffic increased in the city center, partly because of the operation of the CUT in the area, these upgrades are really important for the city. 

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